Reference Material


Excellent Books for Artists

On Color Theory:

  • Color Theory, Jose M. Parramon
  • Color Exercises For the Painter, Lucia A. Salemme
  • Confident Color by Leland
  • Color Studies, Edith Anderson Feisner
  • Color Workbook, Becky Koenig
  • Color Choices, Stephen Quiller (I love his color wheel, makes it easier for me to understand)
  • Color and Light, James Gurney
  • Landscape Meditations, Elizabeth Mowry (perhaps my favorite artist, I LOVE her use of color!)
  • Mastering Color DVD

On Anatomy:

  • Menschen Zeihnen by Gottfried Bammes (expensive and in German, but has excellent diagrams)
  • Tiere Zeihnen by Gottried Bammes (animal anatomy)
  • Force: Dynamic Life Drawing For Animators, Michael D. Mattesi
  • Force: Character Design from Life Drawing, Michael D. Mattesi
  • Force: Animal Drawing, Michael D. Mattesi
  • Figure Drawing: Design & Invention, Michael Hampton
  • Classic Human Anatomy by Winslow
  • How Your Horse Moves
  • The Wildlife of Star Wars (great for ideas)

Great Anatomy Reference Sites & Tools:

  •   Various reference models available. I happened to snag a bronze version of the male, which must be rare because I’d never seen one before! It’s super heavy, too.
  •  Cool mannequin heads. These are awesome, you can place them under various lighting conditions for study! And they’re super sturdy and lightweight. The book they sell is great, too!
  •  They make various skeleton models (half or full) that you can actually sculpt clay muscles onto.
  •  Excellent plaster casts


  • Online Anatomy for Artists at
  • Digital Figure Sculpture Online at
  • Advanced Lighting w/Sam Nielson at
  • Becoming a Better Artist at